New York Speed Limit Sign Will Scare You Into Slowing Down

New York Speed Limit Sign Will Scare You Into Slowing Down

Here’s one way of getting your point across in regards to obeying the speed limit – in New York City, the Department of Transportation will flash a skeleton to scare you into going 30 miles per hour.

Set to be launched this summer, a radar-equipped, custom-designed speed board will spook drivers who go above the 30 mph speed limit on city streets with an LED skeleton.  This bony fellow reminds drivers of the deadly consequences of speeding, playing on the pedestrian stick-figure showcased on crosswalk lights.

Part of the Transportation Department’s “That’s Why It’s 30” advertising campaign, the skeleton stars on bus shelter ads and television spots that warns drivers about the dangers that speeding vehicles pose to pedestrians. There’s no word about where these boards will be placed,  but we think wherever they go, they will get their point across.

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg compared the signs to cigarette packs that feature a skull-and-crossbones label to warn about lung cancer: “Unless you make it graphic, people don’t get the message,” he said.

Do you think these signs will do the trick and get drivers to slow down to 30 mph? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

[Source: The New York Times]