NHTSA Investigating Ford Escape, Mercury Mariner For Shattering Glass

NHTSA Investigating Ford Escape, Mercury Mariner For Shattering Glass

NHTSA is investigating the 2010-2011 Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner for a rear window that could potentially shatter. So far, the government agency has received 18 complaints regarding the rear window shattering when the tailgate is opened or closed.

200,000 Escape and Mariner vehicles will now be investigated, and Ford has issued a service bulletin regarding the problem. One woman and her 10 year old son were reportedly injured by glass shards. Ford and NHTSA have not issued recalls yet, but a Ford spokesman told the Detroit News that they were “aware of the investigation.”

[Source: Detroit News]

  • reed ridge

    my 2010 escape just had the rear window shatter when i closed it like normal.who pays?

  • S. Sullivan

    Rear window on my 2010 Ford Flex shattered for no reason

  • K.Szczepanik

    This morning I left for work a little early because we had a hard frost. I opened the rear seat door and got my scraper and shut the door to scrape the frost off the windows when I shut the door My Rear Hatch Glass exploded like 10 feet back. Shook me up real bad. Does anyone know if there is a recall yet. This was too strainge…Merry Christmas Ford..That was a $365.00 expence.

  • Reed

    The rear window on my 2005 Escape just shattered tonight as I was driving down the road. I hope they issue a recall on this. I’m so grateful my 3 year old wasn’t sitting in the back seat when this happened.

  • Lynn

    I have a Mercury Marinar 2010 and the same thing happened. The back rear window completely shattered when I closed it. I was lucky I didn’t get hit with any of the flying glass. They need to issue a recall.

  • Rick Mckinney

    Feb 11,2012. Just went to the grocery store here in Austin,Tx.
    and bought some items. When I placed the items in the rear and closed the rear hatch on my 2010 Ford Escape the rear window shattered in my face. Their should be a recall on this. I have seen other stories of this happening to other people.

  • Wieczorek

    Feb 8, 2012- Woke up this morning to shattered back windshield on my 2005 Ford Escape Haven’t had my rear defogger on in days. This is a definite safety issue. Apparently this has been going on for years. Come on Ford, take responsibility!!! Thank goodness I didn’t have my children in the car with me driving.

  • Denise Rohan

    Our 2010 Ford Escape Rear Window exploded for no reason. It was shut normally and it exploded. We filed a claim with our car insurance and paid our $500 deductible and found out from the glass guy that this was a problem with the 2010 Ford Escape Rear Window manufacturing defect and it has since been redesigned. He gave us the handle as proof of the old design and showed my husband how the replacement had changed. We called Ford and we are getting reimbursed the $500. My question is why hasn’t there been a recall? Someone could have been hurt even with the safety glass.

  • I have a 2010 Ford escape and I love it.  However, 5 days ago a neighbor came to knock on our door to inform us that she was outside having a smoke and the back liftgate window just exploded.  At first we called the police for vandalism but there was nobody around and no evidence of vandalism of break in.  Vehicle was still completely locked up, nothing taken, and absolutely no body in site and she was right there when it happened.  Ford needs to address this issue and send out a recall.  I am in Canada however my vin # shows that mine was made in the plant in Kansas City Missouri.  Why should we have to pay deductable and have insurance go up for something clearly that is not anything but an issue with ford?

  • Karie

    This happened to me yesterday. I was driving on the freeway and the back passenger window behind the driver just exploded and glass shattered everywhere it was crazy on a six lane freeway……I didn’t know if someone had shot at me, but could not imagine going 65 miles an hour with all that traffic. I got the window replaced yesterday and hope it does not happen again. Do we have any answers yet as to why this is happening? Otherwise I love my 2011 Ford Escape, I bought it pre owned just two months ago…….it only had 38,000 miles on it.

  • Kendall

    This happend to me just about 5 days ago and I called Ford and they are refusing to pay for it. My Escape is 2011 and has approx 37,000 miles on it and it happened while I was in the garage!.

  • Bob

    The rear tailgate window on my 2010 Mercury Mariner shattered this evening when I closed the lift gate. Not a pleasant experience, especially when the temperature was -5 F and will be even colder the next couple of days. Yes, it is cold, but I never thought that my window would only be rated for warm weather use.

  • Tiffany

    my back hatch won’t open