Pocket Classics: Half the Size and Price of the Real Thing

Pocket Classics: Half the Size and Price of the Real Thing

They may be a little too big to fit into your pocket, but that doesn’t make the Pocket Classics any less fun. Nope, they aren’t dinky cars – these mini zoomers are half-scale replicas of classics cars, ones you can actually ride around in… and a little less costly (but only by a little bit).

They are a tad pricey, running about £9,995 each (that’s about $20,000), but when you stack that price tag up to the real thing, it’s a bargain. The Pocket Classics celebrate some of the most-wanted rides in the history of cars, only at half the size. You can reach top speeds of 46 mph, thanks to its 110cc, single cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled, 6.7 hp engine, in the Jaguar E-Type, Mercedes Benz 300 SL and Porsche Speedster. They fit two adults or children, but at those prices, would you want your kids behind the wheel?

The Pocket Classics aren’t road legal and should only be driven around on private grounds. Each car is custom built with whatever combination of exterior colour (solid or metallic) and interior material you choose, and it takes about three months to make. They come with working lights, horn, indicators, electric start and adjustable seat.

You can buy any of the Pocket Classics from FireBox.


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