Polo R “Likely” Admits Volkswagen Exec

Polo R “Likely” Admits Volkswagen Exec

Previous reports of a high-performance R version of the Volkswagen Polo sub-compact have been downplayed in the past, but the German automaker rejuvenated enthusiasm in the idea when it revealed the new Polo R WRC race car last week. With R decals displayed prominently across the car, it’s a clear hint that the Polo R idea still has wings.

Adding to the speculation are comments by VW board member Ulrich Hackenberg who said the chance of a Polo R street car was “likely.”

“You can see how the World Rally Championship programme would increase the probability of an R version of the base model [Polo],” he said in an interview with AutoCar.

Currently VW offers a Polo GTI using the company’s supercharged and turbocharged 1.4-liter engine. That same mill could be used to power the Polo R, upping its output from 177-hp to north of 200.

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[Source: AutoCar]