Porsche Owner Saves 911 From Flood Using Inflatable Cushion

Porsche Owner Saves 911 From Flood Using Inflatable Cushion

A resident near Louisville Kentucky has saved his Porsche 911 from a flood caused by a rapid flowing river. It appears as though the Porsche owner fastened his yellow 964 to an inflatable cushion, and then tied it to his house to save it from being washed away by the flood.

The home was in close proximity to the Ohio River which flooded this April. It is unclear whether the 964 is a Porsche America Roadster (250 produced) or a C2 Turbo-look roadster. Regardless of what model it is, this car obviously holds enough sentimental value to be made its own life raft and Porsche’s slogan holds true in this case. “Porsche…There is no substitute”.

[Source: Jalopnik]

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  • ballsack

    Dedicated man. He must have had this planned. Definitely profile pic worthy for his facebook

  • Cameron

    Lol, the article says it’s a 911 and a 964. . .

  • brian grant

    Porsche 964 – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    The Porsche 964 is the company’s internal name for the version of the Porsche 911 model manufactured and sold between 1989 and 1994.

    2 clicks of a mouse.

  • David

    Nobody likes a douche, Brian.

  • brad

    Nobody likes an uneducated troll, David.

  • Richard

    Nobody likes you, brad.

  • Victor

    Nobody likes haters, Richard.

  • Brandon

    I like you brad. They’re just lame

  • chris

    if he had time to plan this…. why not drive it out of louisiana…. just sayin

  • Joey

    He’s in Kentucky fucktard

  • steve

    looks like a flood proof home also!

  • Phil


  • Stiffy

    this should be featured on Top Gear

  • Woofacus

    THEY ARE BRILLIANT! Never risk your Porsche!

  • Rondu

    No one likes pedophiles, VICTOR.

  • jason

    @ chris
    cos this is WAYYY better than driving!lol
    this guys clutch..

  • Bob

    Fuck the Porsche !!! Save the Cushion !

  • maximillianmich

    how did the cushion not pop

  • Donie

    CAUSE ITS MADE OF GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ty

    it wasn’t punctured

  • anna

    fuckin epic
    but a little to much money i thinks

  • Andrew

    way to much money

  • Bitchtits3000

    that guys a fuckin genius 

  • Scribblerlarry

    That should work. But what is going to stop his house from floating away?

  • Nah

    Ever heard of Photoshop?

  • I wonder why he just didn’t drive it away? If he had time to rig this, why not? Maybe he had something else even more valuable to drive away? Maybe no friends to drive one for him?

  • Bdons

    Probably driving his family away in another car.

  • Good point, I wish I had thought of that. 🙂

  • Jan Panhuis

    Very important to save your car , where you like to drive when the area is flooded , in the vicinity of an river , where should not be in the first place , because of flooding , which is an very natural thing , the man should buy an boat …………………….. !!!