Porsche Sales Up Over 50 Percent In April

Porsche Sales Up Over 50 Percent In April

April has been a very good month for Porsche: it saw sales increase by 53 percent, or 11,741 vehicles total. But the cars that skyrocketed during this period aren’t the 911, or any variants thereof.

Diehard Porsche fans are going to rage: what’s selling hot isn’t the 911, or even the Boxster/Cayman duo—it’s the Cayenne and Panamera, the two models most accused of pillaging the brand for all it’s worth. And hybrid models, too! What is Stuttgart coming to?

In fact, Cayenne sales doubled in that time and Panamera sales increased 15%, while sales of the Boxster and Cayman actually lowered by 8.7%. “Every Porsche is the sportiest model in its segment,” said Bernhard Maier, a Porsche board member. “Our customers world-wide love the combination of performance and efficiency, such as in the new Panamera S Hybrid or 911 GT3 RS 4.0.” The 911, meanwhile, stayed relatively steady as before.

Within the same period, North American sales increased 77% in the same month, Porsche’s largest market. And their 2nd largest, China, saw increases of 48.8%, and the rest of Asia increased sales 56.5%.

The two keep giving Porsche incentive to blow their money on awesome things—like racing, or the upcoming 918—and maybe holding off a forcible invasion from jealous neighbors/friends-with-benefits Volkswagen.

  • Sara Romero, Marketing Engineer Evox Images

    Wow, a 53% increase is very impressive not only in the face of a recovering economy, but also the recent tsunami in Japan. Does Porsche anticipate a decline in the coming months resulting from the tsunami?