Ram to Offer Minivan-Based Pickup

Ram to Offer Minivan-Based Pickup

According to a published report; Chrysler’s Ram division is planning to build a light-duty pickup using its minivan architecture around 2013-2014.

The new truck takes aim at buyers who want the utility of a pickup, but don’t need the inherent toughness and capability of full-size rigs. Utilizing a smaller, unibody platform will also help improve fuel economy over the likes of the Ram 1500.

This new minivan based pickup, much like Honda’s Ridgeline, will feature a front-drive layout and although reports have yet to be confirmed, it’s likely some kind of all-wheel drive system will be offered.

Dubbed the TR Life Style truck, Chrysler projects it’s Ram division to sell between 15,000 to 20,000 units annually (for the record, the Ridgeline sold 16,142 copies last year, a drop of two percent from 2009).

Along with the rest of Chrysler’s minivan range, the TR will be assembled at the Windsor, Ontario plant and, according to Doug Shepard, editor of Automotive Compass’ weekly report, the truck is “an insurance policy that the plant will continue on three shifts at full capacity.”

Yet despite the existence of the report, Chrysler, at least officially, isn’t saying much at this time, only that the idea of a mid-size pickup is being “considered.”

[Source: Toronto Star]