RWD, Supercharged Big-Block Acura Integra: Finally, A Fast Honda

RWD, Supercharged Big-Block Acura Integra: Finally, A Fast Honda

The headline could have also read “finally, a Honda with some torque.” Ok, we kid. But the mere existence of a rear-wheel-drive Acura Integra with a blown 454 Chevy big-block says two things: 1.) you can turn anything into a Pro Street racer with enough knuckle sweat, and 2.) always follow your dreams, kids.

The impressive Integra was reportedly built by Pro Street Unlimited, based in Manchester NH, and features a manual transmission, a belt-driven supercharger, electric blue paint and a sound like God’s Own Cuisinart. Rumors that this car is the current prototype for the next NSX are still unsubstantiated.

[Source: 1A Auto Blog]

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  • John Smith


  • fast honda without 454

    that looked slow and loud…

  • Silva Bullit DC4

    F#ck that big ass supercharger, I would have done twin billet 6262’s. And I can go fast with a B series 4 banger and a single 72mm, if I want a V8, it’d be an Outlaw 10.5 fox body ‘Stang. I still give it an “A” for effort & dedication, though.

  • Danny Tse

    Hey! He didn’t make a complete stop at the stop sign!!

  • Extra Krispy

    Finally a fast Honda? I hope you are kidding. Plenty of 8 sec street trim” Hondas on our little 4 cyl. motors


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