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 |  May 10 2011, 1:30 PM


Saab’s partnership with Chinese automaker Hawtai could see the ill-fated Swedish luxury brand use its dealer network to sell cheap Chinese cars in America, with some priced at the magic $10,000 mark.

“We laughed when the Japanese came,” Victor Muller, Saab’s chairman, told Automotive News. “We laughed when the Koreans came. But we will not be laughing when the Chinese come. The Chinese are like a steamroller.”

Saab recently signed a joint venture deal with Hawtai Motor Group that covers distribution, manufacturing and technology sharing. Muller was reluctant to confirm that Hawtai would use Saab’s distribution network, but did say that it’s a tempting prospect for the automaker. Muller also said that Saab could sell a cheap, well-equipped Chinese car, with the caveat that it would not meet 5-star crash protection requirements.

[Source: Automotive News]