Saab Investor Throws Saab Fans Under The Bus

Saab Investor Throws Saab Fans Under The Bus

Vladimir Antonov is a man on a mission. Namely, he wants a sweet piece of the pie known as Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget; but the forces that conspire against him include the Swedish government and federal investigators. So you think any support he gets against his powerful foes would be a credit to him, right?

But what a long, strange trip it’s been with Antonov and his supporters—the fans of Saabs United, the website comprised of enthusiasts and shakers within the Saab enthusiast community, raised a campaign entitled “Support Vladimir Antonov,” to tell the Swedish government that Antonov should be approved as a shareholder—tenuous mob connections or not. Vladimir Antonov, Carrie Fisher would say if she drove a 900 SPG, you’re my only hope! Turns out, though, that Antonov, doesn’t agree with all of his support: in a recent story by a Swedish newspaper, Antonov was caught saying that he wants to distance himself from his supporters, saying that he “expresses clearly that he wants to distance himself from everything that has been written about the Saab deal so far and his involvement in it.”

Naturally, Saabs United jumped on this with urgent fervor. Before Antonov’s ultimatum, SU forum moderators jumped on any Antonov criticism with the force of Soviet damnatio memoriae, urging its followers that Antonov was the best hope for Saab. Well, SU’s owner now works for Saab as a social media manager, so despite the apparent betrayal of Saab’s heir apparent to its loyal legions, some things have worked out in the end.

[Source: The Truth About Cars]

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  • Craig c

    The person who owned SU sold the site before working for Saab. That’s one point. This post is full of shotty journalism.

  • TomC

    You guys are quoting thetruthaboutcars as actual truth now? The story got too far and TTAC went way overboard attacking SaabsUnited. It basically came down to the author at TTAC being upset about being called out for being wrong about the Pang Da investment, taking it out on Saab. The quote from ttela that you’re referencing has nothing to do with SaabsUnited, it was referencing other Swedish media. Further, SaabsUnited isn’t even owned by a Saab employee, he sold it to its current owner. The fact that you’re spreading a lie at autoguide makes this place sound a lot less credible. You need to start doing background research guys, not just blindly reposting. Oops.