SLS AMG Emergency Medical Concept To Debut At RETTmobil 2011

SLS AMG Emergency Medical Concept To Debut At RETTmobil 2011

RETTmobil, Europe’s largest trade fair for rescue and mobility, will have an interesting concept car on display this year. Mercedes-Benz will be strutting out an emergency medical concept based off of their SLS AMG flagship, which is hardly the vehicle any of us would think about first when it comes to an emergency vehicle.

The image shows your standard silver SLS AMG receiving a traditional red and blue light treatment along with red graphics and the word Notarzt (emergency in German) on the side. Not many details were released with the image, but we reckon the SLS AMG’s 6.3L V8, 571-hp performance would get help quicker to those that need it.

Official press release available after the break.


Mercedes-Benz to RETTmobil 2011 125 Years of innovation from Mercedes-Benz – even in emergency

• Mercedes-Benz at the 2011 RETTmobil • SLS AMG as emergency medical vehicle • Visitor experience safety systems by X-ray vision

Berlin / Fulda – Rescue workers need to include reliable and robust means of conveyance equipment. The offers have always been Mercedes-Benz with complex rescue vehicles on the RETTmobil 2011 of 11 to 13 May 2011 are shown in Fulda. The trade fair RETTmobil is the industry event for information and training of decision makers and managers of emergency services as well as full-time and part-time boards. The highlight of Mercedes-Benz is an unusual emergency medical car: a Mercedes-Benz AMG in silver with SLS EMERGENCY lettering and blue light beams.

Mercedes-Benz offers a variety of sources of information on mobility and training, which are also among the priorities of RETTmobil. In Hall 1, Booth 104, the brand with the star shows at the Exhibition Grounds in Fulda, among other things, a framework model of the security body Mercedes-Benz C-Class. The body section is illustrative of the safety passenger compartment of a modern car, which is explained by a presentation on the adjacent display. As a third exhibit next to the emergency medical vehicle and the frame model also see another rescue simulator based on the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, which is suspended in a frame structure so that a continuous 180-degree rotation around the longitudinal axis possible. By an electric motor can be any position of accidental rolling movement can be simulated.

The RETTmobil 2011 is the international forum for innovation, safety, quality, competence and training for approximately 20,000 trade visitors from home and abroad. The eleventh edition of this fair is this year on two records: In addition to Mercedes-Benz 388 exhibitors from 16 nations represented, more than ever before. The product portfolio of Mercedes-Benz smart enough in terms of saving up for Unimog or Zetros. Visitors and prospective customers can get advice on the structure and equipment options for such vehicles.

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