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 |  May 09 2011, 10:44 PM


JDM fanboys and Honda lovers everywhere are sure to wince at the above photo, showing yet another side to the devastating Japanese tsunami.

Were it not for info provided by Ichishima-san of Spoon Sports, we might not be able to guess that this blue and yellow liveried heap was once an RSX Type R race car. The team found the remains of the RSX a little over 3 miles from their shop and it’s amazing the damage it went through.

The rubble in the background serves as a reminder of just how devastated Japan still is.

GALLERY: Spoon Sports RSX Race Car

spoon_sports_rsx_dc5_japan_aftermath_1.jpg spoon_sports_rsx_dc5_japan_aftermath_2.jpg spoon_sports_rsx_dc5_japan_aftermath_3.jpg spoon_sports_rsx_dc5_japan_aftermath_4.jpg

[Source: Speedhunters]

  • Quinn McNamara

    So sad.

  • Santiago

    Since it’s a race car, the frame and cabin have been preserved very well… anyhow; Sucks to be in Japan rite now! :(