The Worst Road in America; Popular Mechanics Wants Your Help Finding it

The Worst Road in America; Popular Mechanics Wants Your Help Finding it

Given the current state of the economy, many municipalities across the U.S. are suffering from a lack of funding. That means in parts of the country’s infrastructure is literally crumbling away, including, of course, our roads.

Now Popular Mechanics magazine has embarked on a mission, to literally find the worst road in America; and it needs your help. Readers across the country have been asked to submit photos of their local roads and once all submissions have been sent in, the magazine will then select the top five worst thoroughfares in the country.

Not only that, but PM will send a team out to analyze just how bad they are, by strapping diagnostic equipment to a car, including a multi-axis accelerometer. However, there are a few ground rules for the road to qualify. First of all it has to be a public thoroughfare and secondly it has to be paved, so no submissions of gravel roads or dusty trails.

To find out more about how you can enter the contest for the Worst Road in America; click on the link below:

[Source: Popular Mechanics]

  • Ray

    Canada needs this too! Toronto, Ontario has the worst roads I’ve seen yet.

  • Cliff

    The 10fwy between the 605 and 710.


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