Topcar Announces Porsche Panamera Tuning Program, Dubbed Stingray GTR

Topcar Announces Porsche Panamera Tuning Program, Dubbed Stingray GTR

Russian tuner TOPCAR has added their name to the list of available Porsche Panamera tuning packages with their Stingray GTR program. With it comes some very aggressive styling to the luxury sedan, with TOPCAR’s priority clearly to add more sport than luxury to the Panamera.

This isn’t TOPCAR’s first attempt at a styling package for the Panamera; their first one was well-received but demand emerged for something more aggressive and “charismatic”, and the Stingray GTR is the result of those demands.

The styling package comes complete with all new front and rear bumpers, hood, front and rear fender extenders, front and rear doors and side skirts. That’s right, you’ll be removing and replacing many panels with this kit completely transforming your Panamera to something more fitting of Porsche’s brand name. The overall stance of the Panamera will make you look twice – it’s wider, meaner and sharper. Even more trick is the addition of a small-button push that triggers the opening of the rear doors. All body components and panels are constructed from carbon fiber and Kevlar.

TOPCAR will only be offering 25 Stingray GTR packages, and notes that each vehicle will receive its own special features making them all unique in their own way. The package starts at an impressive $63,500. TOPCAR found it worth mentioning that four of those 25 are already spoken for.

And for those looking for more performance out of their Panamera while TOPCAR is replacing every panel imaginable, they do offer engine tuning programs to bring performance up to 700-hp and Brembo big brake packages can also be incorporated to your build.

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    As a former 928 owner, this is fantastic. I love it. I got to make some more money.