Toyota Denies Prius Going Plug-In Only

Toyota Denies Prius Going Plug-In Only

Toyota is denying a report that the automaker plans to switch all of its Prius models over to a plug-in hybrid setup by 2014.

With the Plug-in Prius about to go on sale, a report from the Nikkei business daily indicated that the Japanese automaker is set to then make all future Prius models use the same technology, likely starting with the next generation of the car. Using a more advanced lithium-ion battery pack, but retaining the same Prius engine, the PHEV model has an electric only range of 12 miles and can be recharged in 3 hours using a conventional household outlet or 1.5 hours using a quick-charging station.

It might not get the 25 to 50 mile range of the Chevy Volt, but Toyota is expected to price it much lower, allowing for a significantly larger volume of sales.

Speaking to, Toyota environmental communications manager Jana Hartline refuted the Nikkei report stating that it is, “not accurate.” “There is no formal plan to make all Priuses plug-in by 2014,” she said, indicating that it doesn’t fit with the brand’s new Prius family plan.

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  • Quinn McNamara

    I gotta say, Toyota’s plan to make the PHEV more accessible seems like a much smarter plan than what GM is doing with the Volt.