Toyota Named World’s Most Valuable Automotive Brand

Toyota Named World’s Most Valuable Automotive Brand

According to the BrandZ Top 100 annual ranking of the worl’s most valuable brands, Toyota’s brand value has jumped 11% to $24.2 billion. Toyota has surpassed BMW, which was number 1 last year in the automotive category.

Despite Toyota’s massive recall campaign and the March 11 earthquake, the car maker has regained its position as the worlds most valuable automotive brand. The car maker came in 27th place overall among the most valuable  brands.

The 10 most valuable automotive brands include:

1.) Toyota $24.2 2.) BMW $22.4 3.) Mercedes $15.3 4.) Honda $14.2 5.) Porsche $12.4 6.) Nissan $10.1 7.) VW $7.4 8.) Ford $7.4 9.) Audi $3.8 10.) Lexus $3.7

[Source: Jalopnik]

  • Ray

    Toyota has done a lot and they have a vehicle for almost everything. Despite all the recall’s and all the issues that went on this year and last year with Toyota, they still have proven to be a a top notch brand and for that I think they deserve this recognition.

    I recommend anyone to buy Toyota! Toyota FTW!