Truck Sales Hit All-Time Low in April

Truck Sales Hit All-Time Low in April

The Ford F-Series pickup isn’t just the best selling truck in America, but the best selling vehicle and it has been that way for almost as long as anyone can remember. That, however, may change, especially if gas prices continue to stay high and jobless rates don’t decline.

According to data released by Ward’s Automotive, in the month of April truck sales made up the smallest percentage of marketshare since the organization started recording data in 1980. In total, trucks made up just 11.8 percent of light-vehicle sales in April, compared to an all-time high of 22.9 percent in July of 2005.

Traditionally the segment that sells the most vehicles has been the mid-size car segment, with an all-time high of 39.8 percent of the market in 1980. That number has dropped considerably over the years, due mostly to the segmentation of the market, and so far in 2011 mid-size cars make up 20.8 percent of registered new vehicles. Trucks, meanwhile, make up just 12.6 percent.

According to Ward’s the main factors affecting truck sales are jobless rates and the price of gas, with those 2005 truck records coming at 5.0 percent unemployment and $2.28 gas prices.

U.S. automakers are still betting heavily on the truck segment, and there’s still plenty of strength left in it with F-Series trucks up 3.7 percent last month.

[Source: Ward’s]

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    Thank you high gas prices for scaring off all the poseurs.