UAW Wants Seats On Big Three Boards

UAW Wants Seats On Big Three Boards

UAW President Bob King is angling for seats on the Big Three’s respective Boards Of Directors, and will likely use this as a negotiating point when contracts are discussed with automakers this summer.

“I believe there should be workers’ representation on all boards,” King told The Detroit Bureau, arguing that German car companies employ the same practice, although German law legally mandates worker representation on car company boards. King also argued that the UAW should be given board seats as a “general principle”.

The Voluntary Employees Beneficiary Association (VEBA), an organization responsible for UAW retiree health care benefits, currently holds seats at GM and Chrysler’s boards, and King claimed that VEBA would ultimately decide whether Chrysler can issue its IPO later this year.

[Source: The Detroit Bureau]

  • Chad

    This is an absurd proposition and needs to be stopped. The are LABOR, not OWNERS. Bunch of entitled idiots. The unions will be the death of this countries productivity.

  • Damikco

    @chad, This is how the foreign automakers in Germany operate. organizations like the uaw are good for America considering how workers rights and wages are being reduced as we speak.

  • jt

    im a U.A.W worker we need workers on the boards we could give these companys some commen sense after all they did just get bailed out