Ultimate Restomod: ’67 Camaro with Corvette Frame, LS7 Engine [Video]

Ultimate Restomod: ’67 Camaro with Corvette Frame, LS7 Engine [Video]

Looking like it was inspired by Vaughn Gitin Jr.’s ’69 Ford Mustang RTR-X that debuted at the SEMA Show last year, this 1967 Chevy Camaro is a prime example of how amazing a result restomod projects can have. Blending new-age performance with an old-school look, the owner of this car paired a ’67 Camaro body with an Art Morrison Corvette frame and powered by an LS7. But that’s only the start.

Under the hood is a Forged Vengeance-built LS7 engine that was swapped in by Garage Zero while Hellion Kustoms took care of the car’s body and its modifications. The carbon fiber accents were fabricated by Fule Carbon Creations and gives the ’67 Camaro some new school style.

Talking about style, the Corvette frame allows for a wicked set of wheels to be tucked on the Camaro’s body. Newgen made a custom staggered 3-piece setup for the Camaro, with an 19×11-inch pairing in the front and a very impressive (and wide) 19×14-inch pair in the rear. The wheels are wrapped with 275s in the front and super-wide 345s in the rear.

The rear end that puts it all together is from Moser while 14-inch 6-piston Wilwood brakes outfit each corner for superb stopping power. Mix that all with a flat black body with carbon fiber aerodynamic parts and this might just be the most badass Camaro we’ve ever set our eyes on.

GALLERY: 1967 Camaro Streetfighter

1967_camaro_streetfighter_2.jpg 1967_camaro_streetfighter_3.jpg 1967_camaro_streetfighter_4.jpg 1967_camaro_streetfighter_5.jpg 1967_camaro_streetfighter_6.jpg 1967_camaro_streetfighter_7.jpg

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Check out two videos of the Camaro after the jump:

  • Mr.Totem

    Hey, thats my car!

    thanks for putting it on here, i really appreciate it!
    And no, it wasnt inspired by the Rtr mustang.. this car was designed and rendered that way from the start 4 years ago…even though his mustang is very very nice!

    anyway, check out my car club site it has the FULL list of what was done to this car.


    thank you!


  • Puregroove

    Dang, that’s what’s up! Congrats on getting the plug!

  • arajnai

    i am interested in buying some camaro body parts such as a nose and doors can you send me some pricing please

  • Ebillingsjr

    Uglyest 67 camaro i have ever seen, what’s with the faded out paint job…

  • Ebillingsjr

    Uglyest 67 camaro i have ever seen, what’s with the faded out paint ,wood be beautiful with red, or orange, anything but dead black.

  • so bad ass, especially the stealthy black color

  • None

    Yah shame on you for putting a corvette frame and LS7 and not doing anything with the paint (scarcasm)….looks absolutely beautiful nice work

  • Ekatoch

    dumbass smh. 

  • Anomx

    ugliest* and I second Ekatoch’s post. 

  • Claude

    All that work for that, sorry buy you missed the target

  • D

    awesome! love the matte black with the glossy stripes. engine sounds incredible. Great rest

  • chevy ss

    Just found this post.The nicest camaro I have seen! Is it for sale?

  • David

    You guys should do some research first, I saw this a while back and it was paid for entirely by the wages that a professional spray paint artist earned doing his job. He wanted a car that matched his profession so he spray painted it black, and it looks pretty damn good for being that.. Not to mention, glossy paint is all over the place but you never see nice matte/flat paint jobs anymore.Think of it as a rat rod.

  • Karla Daniel

    WOW Beautiful matte black Camaro.