V12 Vantage Now Available at Aston Martin Driving Course

V12 Vantage Now Available at Aston Martin Driving Course

Prestige car maker Aston Martin has announced that the hallowed V12 Vantage has now joined the list of models available at the brand’s U.S.-based Performance Driving Course in Michigan.

The course, in operation for five years now, is designed to give Aston Martin owners the chance to really experience the performance capability of the brand’s current offerings, in a high speed, controlled environment. The 510-hp V12 Vantage joins its V8 counterpart, four-door Rapide and DBS models, all of which are utilized by the driving course program.

The Aston-Martin Performance Driving Course is a full one day affair and is open to drivers of 18 years or more who are in possession of a full license. For more information, click on the link below:

[Source: Aston-Martin Driving Experiences]

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