Volkswagen Jetta S Gets Price Hike to $16,495

Volkswagen Jetta S Gets Price Hike to $16,495

When Volkswagen first introduced its new 2011 Jetta model to America, easily one of the biggest selling points was the $15,995 base price – almost $2,000 below what the previous Jetta retailed for. That price even became the crux of the brand’s marketing efforts.

Fast forward 12 months and you won’t find a sub $16K MSRP anywhere on a VW lot, however, with the German automaker quietly upping the car’s base price by $500 to $16,495. While that does seem like a bit of a bait-and-switch tactic, especially so early on in the car’s life cycle, Vee-Dub is just one of many, many automakers announcing price hikes this year.

Already a rather unattractive package with its “cost-cutting, fun-killing” 115-hp, we called it “disappointing” in our review and that was before VW upped the price.

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