Volkswagen Jetta Sales Spike

Volkswagen Jetta Sales Spike

Since the launch of the redesigned Volkswagen Jetta, registrations among new owners have soared, suggesting that the newer, more affordable Jetta is a home run with consumers.

The Jetta has climbed almost 61% during the first two months of this year compared to over a year ago. In those two months, 20,272 Jettas were registered and made up 57% of all VW’s sold within that time frame.

Volkswagen Golf registration is also improving, however, other VW vehicles are declining in registration. The CC, New Beetle and Passat are all struggling vehicles within the VW line up. The decline of all VW cars other than the Jetta and Golf is so substantial that VW car registration in January and February was up only 25% compared to 32% rise in the car registration industry. Volkswagen will need to build their sales in the Jetta as much as possible in order to attain the 800,000 VW badged unit registrations by 2018.

[Source: The Polk Blog]

  • Quinn McNamara

    So it looks like VWs plan is working. But will those customers come back and buy cars a second time once they realize that they’re just watered-down pieces of junk. Especially if VW continues to have shoddy reliability.