2012 BMW M5 Photos Leaked

2012 BMW M5 Photos Leaked

If you’ve been eagerly awaiting the first official pics of the 2012 BMW M5… wait no longer. With a planned debut months from now at the Frankfurt Auto Show, a huge selection of images has found its way onto the net.

Subtle as always, the super sedan gets some aerodynamics tweaks, while give-aways include four exhaust pipes, 20-inch wheels and those trademark fenders.

Under the hood is reportedly a version of the automaker’s 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 making 552-hp at 6000 rpm, while torque is pegged at 501 lb-ft. A dual-clutch automatic will be the go-to transmission, although a 6-speed manual is reportedly planned for North America as well.

Full details will have to wait until much closer to the M5’s official launch, and expect to hear more about the extensive suspension upgrades and fuel-saving technology then.


2012 BMW M5 06.jpg2012 BMW M5 14.jpg2012 BMW M5 07.jpg2012 BMW M5 13.jpg2012 BMW M5 25.jpg2012 BMW M5 29.jpg

[Source: AutoZeitung]