2012 Chevy Corvette Gets Price Hike

2012 Chevy Corvette Gets Price Hike

The Corvette hasn’t been doing too well in sales. So what does GM do? It increases the price for every model. To be fair, GM’s excuse is that…well, they didn’t give one. Blame the economy, I suppose. But depending on the model, the Corvette will see a price jump of anywhere between $480 to $1,150 for model year 2012s. Trim levels will also cost more, with 2LT Coupe packages rising from $1,195 to $2,095, 3LT from $4,205 to $5,995, and the top-dog 4LT package jumping by as much as $9,495.

This won’t bode well for GM’s intention to target younger audiences with the Corvette. But wait: out of this doom and gloom comes a silver lining—the ZR1 actually gets a lower price, as it’s now $75 cheaper. Better jump on this bargain while it lasts.

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[Source: Corvette Blogger]