2012 Ram 1500 to Get Pentastar V6 With Added Power, Fuel Economy

2012 Ram 1500 to Get Pentastar V6 With Added Power, Fuel Economy

For 2012 the Ram 1500 pick-up will get an all-new base V6 engine, replacing the current unit with more power and improved fuel economy. According to a tweet by Ward’s Auto, Chrysler powertrain boss Paolo Ferrero has confirmed the Ram will get the new corporate Pentastar V6 next year.

While 100 ccs smaller than the outgoing 3.7-liter unit, the new engine could produce as much as a 75-hp gain over the old block for a total of 290-hp, while torque is expected to rise from the 235 lb-ft level to around 260 lbs ft.

In addition to all that power, look for a fuel economy bump as well. With the current model rated at 14/20-mpg (city/highway), the gain could be as much as 2-mpg in each category, or more.

  • cyberpine

    290hp is nice on a V6! I wonder if it will come with MDS (cylinder deactivation)? If they use more composites and lighten the frame they can get it to cruise with 3 cylinders. One day we will see these V6 trucks delivering 300+ hp and 20+ mpg city. I really wish they would do more testing on KERS (Kinetic Energy Recocovery Systems).. Maybe a Flywheel or Hydraulic Brake recovery for added RWD torque when you need it most. But please no battery packs or electric motors on a truck.

  • Nelson Giraldo

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