2013 Chevy Traverse, Buick Enclave, GMC Acadia to Get Mild Makeover

2013 Chevy Traverse, Buick Enclave, GMC Acadia to Get Mild Makeover

Hitting the market back in 2007, the GMC, Buick and Chevy large crossover trio have continued with strong sales despite almost zero updates. That will change for the 2013 model year, with changes planned for all three of the Lambda machines, although you might not notice the changes at first glance.

Rather than update the appearance of the Traverse, Acadia and Enclave, GM will instead change the only key area that is drawing complaints – the interior. In addition to what is expected to be a serious redesign with improved materials, housed in a more modern center stack will be GM’s new infotainment system. Called MyLink for Chevrolet or Intellilink for Buick-GMC, look for a large LCD touch screen to control everything from Bluetooth to audio, as well as OnStar integration.

The next-generation Lambda vehicles aren’t expected until 2016, with Cadillac reportedly gaining a version, while the GMC Acadia will be dropped.

[Source: GMI]

  • Donna

    I have a 2009 Enclave with the worse radio I have ever had in my Buicks. I won’t even turn the radio on when people are with me. I have taken it to the dealer they blame on the humidity. When I call out or receive on the bluetooth there is so much static on the ringer it just sounds cheap. I have driven buicks since 1978 & I regret buying this vehicle. Cheap interior for the price of the vehicle. The review mirrors do not have a nutural position so you can’t move the mirrors unless you move button to left/right. To get in the back seats I feel like the floor is going to give in. I have never been so unhappy w/a vehicle & it only has 13,000 miles on it.

  • Ronald

    I drive a 2011 GMC Acadia. And It is beyond the worst thing I ever bought. First of all the on star don’t work and I just paid 90 dollars on it. second the cruze control doesn’t work very good. I have to keep my foot on the gas going up a hill. but man I wish I would of went with Dodge or Ford.

  • John

    I am on my second Enclave (2008 and 2011) and can say that, aside from the quirky tranny (that was reluctant to downshift) in the 2008 (and was corrected in 2010), these have been some of the best autos I have ever owned. I had 8 Cadillacs in a row before these. Granted they are big but we knew that when we first drove it. We travel to our winter home each year and the cargo space is great. (don’t like mini-van styling)
    All the eigineering came together on this vehicle.

  • Suzy

    We have had many Buicks over the years, and have been satisifed with them all. We have a 2004 Buick Ranier, and it is fine. And, yes, the radio, onstar, navigation all still work. We hope Buick decides to come out with a smaller Buick Enclave. The 2011 is almost a van and is way too large. A tiny little car is not satisfactory either. Nor would it be good to give up the comfort of the interior, or the smooth ride. These are features that have been selling points for Buick in the past.

  • Dale

    I hope they improve the seat comfort. I owned a 2008 Enclave for 2 years and front seat was terrible. The seats were hard and uncomfortable. I drove a 2011 before buying a new car last year and did not find any improvement in the seat comfort. The other issue was fuel milage. We were never able to get over 22 mpg on a long trip.

  • RM

    We have an 2011 Traverse LTZ, only after the Buick dealer trying to give us shit for 2009 Explorer we went to the Chevy dealer. But anyway, our traverse is great! Never any problems, so far has about 27,000 miles Taking on 5 hour trip to washing was so comfortable. Also used it weekly for 2 hour drive to our summer house. Love the navigation and OnStar. My radio is great in my truck, especially with the Bluetooth. Only thing I think would be cool plus if they put in a full two row sunroof that opens, or just make the rear one open separately. That would be great for the kids!

    As soon as the 2013 Traverse or Enclave (depending on the dealer LOL) we are def. going to start looking!

  • Mike

    I currently have a 2011 Buick Enclave with 12000 miles. It is a fabulous car, plenty of room, great ride and looks. Everything works perfectly and except for oil changes and tire rotation it has never seen the dealer.

  • Phil

    I currently have a 2012 Buick Enclave with 11000 miles. It is a fabulous car, plenty of room, great ride, looks and a good sound system. The GMC Arcadia and Chevrolet Traverse are not the same cars. You can verify by comparing on Edmunds.com. Everything works perfectly and except for oil changes and tire rotation, no issues other than the fuel mileage. GM needs to improve on this. Can be better.

  • Sam

    I bought a 2010 Buick Enclave CXL 1 and I have to say, it has a very comfortable ride but handles very well for such a large SUV. The interior has soft-touch surfaces (no hard plastic almost anywhere – and none on the dashboard), and in suburban driving I get around 19 mpg. On the higway I can get as much as 23 mpg (beating the EPA estimate of 22 for the AWD version) and being like a hybrid with gas mileage as the body on frame hybrid Chevy Tahoe only gets 20 mpg in combined driving with only a tiny bit more room, and costs about $10,000 more. The Buick is a better performing car than the Lexus LX series and the BMW X5 series in the snow. Last October in CT when we had the freak snowstorm, it knocked down trees blocking our street completely. While I could go off-road in my Buick and get around the tree, the Lexus following me got stuck – and then the BMW after it got stuck. Fortunately with my trailer hitch and a cable the Lexus had, I was able to pull that “superior” car out of the mud and snow. It may be the additional height of the ground, but of the three, I was the only one able to go off road and around the tree of all the SUVs in the area (the Suburban from GM also had no problem that a neighbor has). I value the ability to go through mud and snow, and the Enclave is unsurpassed for such a big SUV. The fact we can do it in relative comfort is a bonus.

  • David Christensen

    Same peace  of shit v6 288 HP. If they put the camaro V6  300 HP the same one they have in the cadillac. I would be on my way right now to get one. 300hp better gas milage and a beautifully engineered engine. Wake up g