ABT Sportsline Opens Large Showroom In Beijing

ABT Sportsline Opens Large Showroom In Beijing

The largest Volkswagen and Audi tuner in Europe has intelligently set their eyes on the young and rapidly growing automotive market in China. With China’s exponential growth in the auto industry for the past couple of years, the aftermarket is growing too, despite China trying very hard to restrict vehicle modification. As Audi and Volkswagen continue to focus on this market, ABT Sportsline will now have their presence known in Beijing with their largest showroom outside of their headquarters in Kempten.

In collaboration with their partner CATC and their largest dealer, ZRF, ABT Sportsline is poised to target the close to the 18 million people that live in the Beijing area. Showroom operator ZRF is a Beijing company that holds claim to the oldest Audi and Volkswagen dealer in China.

The showroom spans an impressive 21,500 square feet and will always house at least four complete vehicles. Sales staff will be more than happy to show customers ABT’s product range of accessories, such as sporty lightweight wheels. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out and how quickly the other major aftermarket manufacturers will follow ABT Sportsline into China.

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