Adam Carolla’s “The Car Show” Starts July 13th On SPEED Channel

Adam Carolla’s “The Car Show” Starts July 13th On SPEED Channel

For those of you who still haven’t stopped complaining about Top Gear America, there’s a new homegrown TV show to add to your TG USA and Motorweek rotation. “The Car Show,” hosted by Adam Carolla, will debut on Wednesday, July 13th, on the SPEED Channel.

The show will feature Carolla, Dan Neil, John Salley, and Matt Farah of The Smoking Tire, who is taking time off from writing for Autoguide. It will offer “a perfect mix of comedy, shop talk and eye candy,” which will presumably refer to the cars and not the hosts (though like all of Autoguide’s writers, Farah is a sexy, sexy devil).

You can catch it in its 10pm Eastern timeslot on Wednesdays, or if you’re like most fans of British Top Gear, you’ll probably download it illegally anyways. We imagine that Speed will offer a way to stream it online.

  • wayne norris

    how about showing some no so muscle car collections. pinto, pacer gremlin….just happen to have a few nice ones if you’re interested. Liberty, IN

  • Wayne

    Get rid of the idiot yuppy car guy want to be host and you might have a good show.


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