Aston Martin Rapide Production Slows Down

Aston Martin Rapide Production Slows Down

Aston Martin has decided to reduce production on the Aston Martin Rapide in order to match output to sales. The British company said they will now produce around 25 cars per week, making 1250 cars a year. Initially, Aston Martin envisioned producing 2000 cars in 2007/2008.

Sources have even claimed that Rapide production may drop to  10 vehicles per week as Aston adjusts their output, however the company does not believe it will drop to those numbers. In May, production of the Rapide was stopped and Aston sent out emails to contractors saying no more components would be needed for the month because “the factory was on shutdown,” said Aston.

The slowing luxury car market has been a key factor in slowing Rapide production, but when demand increases, production of the vehicle in increase.

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[Source: AutoCar]