Audi Joins Big Boys With $14.3 Million Frankfurt Auto Show Party Hall

Audi Joins Big Boys With $14.3 Million Frankfurt Auto Show Party Hall

Audi is flush with cash and sales right now. So when the Frankfurt Auto Show rolls around, they’re going to party like it’s pre-recession 2008 all over again.

Previously, Audi shared the same convention space with all the riff raff. But for Frankfurt this year, they will build a separate Cathedral To The Four Rings, situated between the convention center’s main halls, complete with a 400-meter-long test track around the outside so potential customers can live their Bernd Rosemeyer impressions.

“For the first time, there will be a real Audi building at the show,” said Moritz Dreschel, an Audi spokesman. “We wanted to provide our customers with an element of surprise. It is not about the size, but about quality.” Despite this, the 15,000 square-meter temporary space will cost 10 million Euros and be completely dismantled a few months after the show—but not before it’s used as a book fair in October.

The 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show starts this September 15th, so that gives us plenty of time to speculate what will be inside Audi’s secret lair. A beer hall? Aluminum-milled skeeball tables? Go-go dancers with LED boots? Hey, we’re just glad Audi’s bringing conspicuous consumption back.

[Source: New York Times]