Audi R8 GT Hits the Track [Photo Gallery]

Audi R8 GT Hits the Track [Photo Gallery]

There has been a whole lot of buzz around Audi’s R8 GT since its official debut, and now we have the first photos of the lighter and faster exotic sports car hitting the track at Infineon Raceway. This is the R8 GT’s debut on the track in America and a few lucky individuals were able to get behind the wheel of the sports car this past weekend.

Jealous? It’s hard not to be with 560-hp and 398 ft-lbs of torque from the R8 GT’s 5.2L V10.

GALLERY: Audi R8 GT at Infineon Raceway

audi_r8_gt_track_photos_1.jpg audi_r8_gt_track_photos_2.jpg audi_r8_gt_track_photos_3.jpg audi_r8_gt_track_photos_4.jpg audi_r8_gt_track_photos_5.jpg

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