Audi R8 Shot 37 Times by Police in Germany, Driver Lives

Audi R8 Shot 37 Times by Police in Germany, Driver Lives

When violence erupts in the streets, it’s always the innocent bystanders that have the most to lose. In this case, the only bystander (thankfully) was an Audi R8 and nobody else, but still…why?!

German police chased a man in his supercar after a domestic dispute between him and his wife. The man started opening fire, and police had no choice but to unload on the poor bastard—plugging his car with 37 bullet holes and dramatically lowering its resale value. The man was shot four times and still managed to live, proving something about the tenacity of stupidity, or whatever it is. Nobody else was injured otherwise.

Michael Bay could not be reached for comment.

[Source: Wrecked Exotics]

  • faye

    Is this about a person living after being shut 27 times or is about advertising the car seems like a person life does not worth as much as a car right?

  • Mike

    Right! When it’s evading criminal’s lifes we’re talking about, I care much more about the car.


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