BMW Declared ‘Most Influential Automaker on Facebook’

BMW Declared ‘Most Influential Automaker on Facebook’

BMW announced today that it has been ranked first overall in the inaugural L2 Prestige 100 Facebook IQ. This new index measures the social media aptitude of Presige 100 brands from auto, beauty, fashion, jewelery and watches as well as spirits and champagnes.

The Bavarian automaker currently owns and maintains fifty-four separate Facebook pages associated with its various geographic regions, business segments and products, each of which were assessed for this study. BMW’s main Facebook page also has the most fans of any automaker, approaching the 6 million mark – roughly double its nearest rival.

Within the evaluation, BMW received 175 points topping Audi with 156, Lexus with 154 and Ferrari with 141.

Hit the jump to see a list of the Top 10 most influential Prestige 100 brands on Facebook:

1- BMW 2- Clinique 3- Audi 4- Lexus 5- Bare Escentuals 6- Benefit 7- Bobbi Brown 8- Johnnie Walker 9 – Belvedere 10 -Tory Burch and Ferrari (tie)

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