Bugatti ‘Royale’ Tipped as Production Name of Galibier Concept

Bugatti ‘Royale’ Tipped as Production Name of Galibier Concept

If you’re a believer in tarot cards, voodoo and rumors thinly disguised as news on the internet, then you’ll love the upcoming Bugatti Royale. That is reportedly the name of the production version of the ultra fast and luxurious sedan that will be based closely on the Galibier concept.

While not a bad name in general, especially considering the brand’s French origins and the fact that few apart from royalty will be able to afford it, there is an historical significance to the title. In true Bugatti fashion, however, you’ll have to trace back in history all the way to the 1920s with the Type 41, which was “commonly” referred to as the Royale. This 21-foot long monster was also an exercise in oppulence, weighing 7,000 lbs and coming with a 12.7-liter straight-eight engine.

The Royale looks to bring this excess into the modern era with a twin-supecharged 8.0-liter W16 engine that will reportedly get hybrid technology.



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