Camaro ZL1 to Top 550-HP, Get ZR1 Performance Traction Management System

Camaro ZL1 to Top 550-HP, Get ZR1 Performance Traction Management System

Six months before its scheduled to head into production, Chevy has released some exciting new details about the performance of the Camaro ZL1.

Unveiled for the first time in Canada at the Camaro Homecoming, held next to the Oshawa Assembly Plant where all Camaros are produced, chief engineer Al Oppenheiser stated that it will make more power than the previously stated 550 figure, commenting that it will also top the 556-hp of the Cadillac CTS-V.

Helping put all that power to the ground will be the use of the Corvette ZR1’s Performance Traction Management system that can maximize the grip possible to deliver the fastest, most consistent lap times.

Not interested in rowing your own gears? That’s OK; the ZL1 will be available with an optional automatic transmission confirmed Oppenheiser who was there for the car’s unveiling.

Designed as a serious track machine, should the Boss 302 be scared?



GALLERY: Camaro ZL1 Debut in Chicago


[Source: Camaro5]

  • jvlag3

    The Boss 302 (or any Mustang) will never have to fear a Camaro… Cheverolet always plays catch up to Ford…

    It looks like the Camaro still has it’s Gran Am interior …

  • Clint Johnson

    Just a little correction for jvlag3, The Camaro doesn’t so much play catch up with the Mustang – Chevrolet lets Ford go first and then shows them how to do it right.

  • jvlag3

    @Clint – ROTFLMAO: yes the Mustang has been in continuous production sine 1964, and even with a Camaro/Firebird couldn’t survive… yes that’s showing me that Chevrolet makes a better product…

    Let’s see the Camaro weighs more, has a bigger motor and the “coveted” IRS (coveted by the magazines not me) and yet is out done by a live axled, 4.6/5.0 Mustang… yes the Camaro is showing that it’s the better car.

  • camls3

    yeah that live axled is going away soon. the gt is more a drag car. the camaro has out slod the mustang for the last 7 month. yes it bigger and heavier. but a better ride than the mustang. the mustang is a nice car,and have a great engine.we see how good the boss is when the zl1 get out.then we see a heavy car do what a lighter car can with style.