Cardboard Helmets Protect Your Head Better Than Polystyrene Ones

Cardboard Helmets Protect Your Head Better Than Polystyrene Ones

Who would have thought that cardboard could protect your noggin? We’re not saying that you should wear a cardboard box on your head the next time you go out for a bike ride, but before long, you could be sporting a Kranium Helmet.

Made from a new technology call Kranium, these helmets feature corrugated paper that, surprisingly enough, are a great shock absorber. Using interlocking ribs from cardboard that’s found under a stiff plastic shell, test have already shown that these helmets can take four times more impact energy then helmets that contain polystyrene. Need a custom helmet? No problem – cardboard is easy to cut to shape and manufacture, so you can get a custom fit courtesy of a a simple and personalized head-shaped template. This means you can replace the cardboard as often as you like without having to buy a new helmet.

For those of you who are accident prone, you’ll be interested to learn that the Kranium helmets can reportedly pass testing after five strikes, while polystyrene helmets can only take a single impact. Would you buy a cardboard helmet or are you going to stick with the polystyrene one?

[Source: Autoblog]


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