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 |  Jun 21 2011, 1:47 PM

From the “Tell Us Something We Don’t Know” Department comes this survey that convinces us to buy new seat covers: cars are the most preferred places by couples to have sex.

The survey, produced by (who else?) Trojan condoms, interviewed 3,000 adults (and probably a handful of sneaky high school teenagers) to find that 48% of them preferred to boink in cars. The next popular places included hot tubs, the woods, on a beach à la From Here To Eternity, and (to confirm your even worse suspicions) somebody else’s bed. Possibly your bed. Better change those sheets while you’re at it.

[Source: Autoblog, Amazon]

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  • Tastees Condoms

    If you believed this for more than 3 seconds – your a retard…

    Cars are cramped and there is no room for full movement.

    Use a truck instead

  • phil mcrackin

    I disagree I love sex in cars but only in public places i don’t care if its cramped its still good dirty fun

  • Alexia

    Most cars & trucks have bucket seats now which makes the front seat only good for giving oral sex to a guy.For sex in the missionary position or in
    the doggy position the only way to go is in the back seat.