Cars Are The Best Place To Have Sex, According To New Survey

Cars Are The Best Place To Have Sex, According To New Survey

From the “Tell Us Something We Don’t Know” Department comes this survey that convinces us to buy new seat covers: cars are the most preferred places by couples to have sex.

The survey, produced by (who else?) Trojan condoms, interviewed 3,000 adults (and probably a handful of sneaky high school teenagers) to find that 48% of them preferred to boink in cars. The next popular places included hot tubs, the woods, on a beach à la From Here To Eternity, and (to confirm your even worse suspicions) somebody else’s bed. Possibly your bed. Better change those sheets while you’re at it.

[Source: Autoblog, Amazon]

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  • Tastees Condoms

    If you believed this for more than 3 seconds – your a retard…

    Cars are cramped and there is no room for full movement.

    Use a truck instead

  • phil mcrackin

    I disagree I love sex in cars but only in public places i don’t care if its cramped its still good dirty fun

  • Alexia

    Most cars & trucks have bucket seats now which makes the front seat only good for giving oral sex to a guy.For sex in the missionary position or in
    the doggy position the only way to go is in the back seat.