Chevrolet Impala’s Demise Marks End Of Six Passenger Sedans

Chevrolet Impala’s Demise Marks End Of Six Passenger Sedans

It might come as a surprise to some that it’s possible to purchase a six-passenger sedan, but in previous decades, large sedans with front bench seats and space for an extra passenger in the middle were mainstays of the American automotive landscape.

While cars like the Ford Taurus and Mercury Grand Marquis were once available with six seats, the sole remaining sedan available with a front bench seat is the Chevrolet Impala. But with a new model coming in 2013, GM has to decide whether to keep producing a six seater vehicle, which accounts for roughly 25 percent of Impala sales.

With the new Impala salted to be built on a narrower platform, and GM offering a full lineup of crossovers that can carry more than 5 passengers, it makes little sense for the company to continue producing a six seater Impala. If the General continues down this path, we’ll be seeing the end of an era for American motoring – not that we’re too torn up about it.

[Source: Detroit Free Press]

  • Carl

    #1 flaw in this car is it don’t offer automatic climate control or navigation! Why is it that Chevrolet’s 2 most expensive models under the Corvette “Camaro and Impala” Don’t offer these everyday features! “Note all Caprice models including police have automatic climate control standard!”