Chevy Camaro Reaches 5 Million Units Sold

Chevy Camaro Reaches 5 Million Units Sold

When Chevy decided to bring back the Camaro, few would have prognosticated that it would be the incredible success that it is. A great car? Perhaps not. Great for GM’s bottom line? Certainly!

When GM shuttered its Quebec plant and ended production of the 4th Gen Camaro a total of 4,774,156 units had been built. 225,844 Camaros later and on May 16th of this year GM produced the five millionth Camaro at its Oshawa Assembly plant. The car is an unassuming black V6 1LS model with a cloth interior and a 6-speed manual transmission. It was purchased by a citizen of Lexington, Kentucky for the modest sum of $24,700.

The Camaro’s sales success continues and the car is expected to out-sell the Mustang in 2011. Will it eclipse the Stang in overall sales? Not any time soon, with Ford boasting over 9 million Mustangs sold.

[Source: ModernCamaro]

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5 Ford Escort (1967- 2003) 20 million units

6 Honda Civic (1972-Present) 17.7 million units

7 Ford Model T (1908-1927) 16.5 million units

8 Honda Accord (1976- Present) 15.8 million units

9 VW Passat (1973- Present) 14.1 million units

10 Chevy Impala (1958- Present) 14 million units