Chrysler Replaces Dodge Charger Police Car After Suspicious Fire

Chrysler Replaces Dodge Charger Police Car After Suspicious Fire

A  Dodge Charger police car catching fire and burning to the ground, has prompted Chrysler to replace the car and the gear inside for free. The Curry County, Oregon  squad car only had 6,000 miles on it, when it burnt to a crisp/

The car was stopped to assisst in a successful search and rescue opertion in which a man named Patrick Combs, was found and taken to the hospital by ambulance.  Deputy Jared Gray’s new Charger was the sole casualty, after catching fire while stopped.

Chrysler agreed to replace the cruiser, however the Sheriff’s department had to agree to sign a non-disclosure agreement(NDA). An NDA, also known as a secrecy agreement, is a legal contract, signed between the two parties that restricts access to third parties, which means the general public may never know what set the car ablaze.

The fire seemed to start in the passenger-side front wheel well and continued to reignite after fire crews continued to extinguish the blaze.

[Source: Jalopnik]

  • Michael Palese

    A few key points need to be clarified regarding this story:
    -So called non-disclosure agreements are customary in these matters and do not point to liability.
    -This vehicle was inspected, however the cause of the fire was inconclusive.
    -Vehicle fires are very complex and are often caused by factors not related to the vehicle itself, such as maintenance, use and aftermarket equipment.

    Mike Palese
    Chrysler Group LLC

  • Jane Scott-Quandahl

    Our Department also had a charger start on fire on May 13, 2011. It was a 2007 Dodge Charger with 64,000 miles on it. Oddly enough, the fire appeared to have started under the passenger side front wheel well area, catching on fire, and traveled back to the back up batteries in the trunk, which melted. I am trying to get more information on Chrysler Charger fires as I am not very happy, being a two squad department.

  • Chris

    When these cars are outfitted to be placed in service, there’s alot of wiring that has to be done. I suspect that the fuse box has something to do with it for example fuses being piggybacked for lights. I understand liability, but hoped chrysler would not do a nda, every other charger owner that’s read this wants to know what caused that fire.

  • Matt

    Out of all of the chargers out there, very few have caught fire. Otherwise it would have been much better known considering this generation has been around since 2005.

  • Hillary Klntohn

    Similar occurrence where I am …
    Cars catching fire while on patrol …
    They have to know let the cars “cool down” before turning them off….