Custom BMW M5 Gets Bugatti Veyron Look

Custom BMW M5 Gets Bugatti Veyron Look

When building and customizing a car, owners often find inspiration from a race car or another higher-performance version. Other times inspiration can come from an existing, but very different vehicle, which is the case in this awesome BMW M5 build.

After seeing the carbon fiber/orange-themed Bugatti Veyron Supersport World Record Edition the owner of this M5 was convinced and decided to mirror his own car after the world’s fastest. As a result the M5 now sports a carbon fiber wrap on the entire body while the front splitters, side skirts, kidney grilles, side grilles, mirrors, wheels, antenna and rear skirt gets a coat of full-out bright orange paint. Though the car sports a conservative set of BBS wheels, the owner does intend to make it more aggressive with wider wheel spacers than what’s already being used.

While perhaps not the most tasteful built, the end result works much better than expected. And who knows, maybe if it ripped by at top speed, you might think a Veyron had just passed you by.

GALLERY: Bugatti Veyron-Inspired BMW M5 Build

veyron_themed_bugatti_ss_styled_bmw_m5_1.JPG veyron_themed_bugatti_ss_styled_bmw_m5_11.JPG veyron_themed_bugatti_ss_styled_bmw_m5_2.JPG veyron_themed_bugatti_ss_styled_bmw_m5_3.JPG veyron_themed_bugatti_ss_styled_bmw_m5_8.JPG veyron_themed_bugatti_ss_styled_bmw_m5_12.jpg

[Source: M5Board]

  • Quinn McNamara

    This is idiotic. The M5 is an amazing car in its own right…. but I guess this is what happens when they get old and start to become affordable.