Daewoo Drivers In Korea Change Emblems To Chevrolet Bowtie

Daewoo Drivers In Korea Change Emblems To Chevrolet Bowtie

GM Daewoo has changed its name to GM Korea and its brand of choice to Chevrolet last March.  Since the name change, customers want to replace the old GM Daewoo emblem with the Chevrolet golden bow-tie.

Since March, 28,800 GM Daewoo owners have opted for the Chevy badge. It costs GM Daewoo owners somewhere between $139-$278 for the replacement. Since the change from GM Daewoo to GM Korea, the market share has also been affected. GM Korea stood at 6.7 percent in February and has climbed to 8.5 percent in March and 9.6 percent in April-May since adopting the Chevrolet brand.

Daewoo was once a beloved brand in Korea, and motorists are fiercely nationalistic, preferring their own domestic brands over foreign automakers. The switch to Chevrolet suggests a changing tide in the Korea marketplace, since customers are willing to abandon the Daewoo brand in favor of an American nameplate.

  • t.brown

    I work for Kia in the US. Everyone here that buys a Kia or hyundia are re-badging there cars going with the Korean names as well. My 2012 hyundia sonata will soon be i45 or yf20t

  • Eugen

    Quite interesting theme for the folks who likes Daewoo / GM vehicles. For instance I’ve owned a 1990 Pontiac Le Mans Sedan manufactured by Daewoo Motor. I really liked that car with the Pontiac badges. Now I’m planning to source a 1993-1994 Daewoo Racer GSi Sedan basicly almost the same one as the Le Mans but I’m not planning to replace the Daewoo Royals styled Pontiac alike badge neither the Daewoo Racer emblem. The situation is different with the Kalos/Aveo, Leganza, Lacetti/Nubira III., Prince and Nexia/Cielo. Some folks in my neighborhood replaced the Daewoo badges to Chevrolet. After all that I’m an owner of a Chevrolet Trans Sport (Venture equiped with the Pontiac trim exported to Europe) I replaced the grille to another which wears the Pontiac emblem. The only difference between the original grille and the replacement is that the original hass the same shape as the Pontiac’s BUT lacks the centerplace reserved for the Pontiac badge. On the other hand the Chevrolet Trans Sport contains only few minor differences than the Pontiac Trans Sport and the Chevrolet emblem only appears on the hubcaps.