Dutch Duo Drives 779 Miles in 24 Hours in a Nissan Leaf [Video]

Dutch Duo Drives 779 Miles in 24 Hours in a Nissan Leaf [Video]

There has been much speculation over whether electric vehicles are suitable for long distance journeys. The biggest issue is regarding the distance an electric car can travel before running out of power, and where to charge up. Skeptics also doubt whether the advanced lithium-ion battery can withstand the torture of numerous “Level 3” charges within a single day.

If you count yourself one of the skeptical ones, perhaps this tale will change your mind. A Dutch duo drove a Nissan Leaf exactly 1,254 kilometers (779.19 miles) in just 24 hours! The duo recharged the Leaf several times (around 10) using quick-charge stations during their adventure. The car did not let the team down, the battery didn’t overheat, nor were any tow trucks needed.

Are you impressed? What’s the farthest you’ve ever driven in 24 hours?

Check out the video after the jump!

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[Source: AllCarsElectric]

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