Fake Chinese Lamborghini Reventon Tossed In the Impound Yard

Fake Chinese Lamborghini Reventon Tossed In the Impound Yard

We’d love to be the jerks and crack a joke that the Nissan Cefiro turned Lamborghini Reventon out in China has been thrown into the impound yard for being such a disgrace but we won’t kick a man while he’s down.

We first caught word of this odd project back in May, and while it looks like it’s received some more upgrades (namely an actual paint job) it looks like the poor thing has been confiscated by the local police. Why? Easy enough: It’s been driving around without license plates and… it doesn’t look like a Nissan Cefiro. Duh!

The passionate owner currently faces a $77 dollar fine for driving with no plates, but it hasn’t been determined what the additional fines yet are for driving a car that doesn’t look like the car it’s supposed to be. How the Chinese officials decide this will be interesting though, as customizing cars is clearly catching on and despite being illegal, many are already embracing it and finding ways around the regulations. But for now, it looks like this imitation Reventon won’t go away quietly into the night.

[Source: Jalopnik]


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