Ferrari Dino Kit Car With Mazda Rotary Power Found on eBay

Ferrari Dino Kit Car With Mazda Rotary Power Found on eBay

Even though this isn’t a genuine 1972 Ferrari Dino 245 GT, the Magnum kit car makes for a great replica. Most interesting about this entire replica is the fact that it sports a 13B rotary powerplant under the hood with a turbocharger paired to it. The entire combination is mated to a 914 transmission and currently sports only 3,800 miles.

Those interested would be pleased to know that the body is in immaculate shape according to the seller. It’s always been garaged and has a current registration. Best of all, the title has been changed to SPCN (specially constructed vehicles) which essentially makes it a 1972 Ferrari Dino in the eyes of the law. Therefore, there’s no need for smog and all the smog devices have been removed.

The replica sports a lot of modern technology, including disc brakes, a brake proportioning valve, Carrera adjustable shocks, a Wolf 3D engine management system and VDO gauges. For cooling purposes, it sports a front-mounted racing radiator with dual electrical fans and functional side intakes – one to the intercooler, one to the oil cooler.

The car definitely looks immaculate and if you value individuality, this might just be the car for you.

GALLERY: Rotary-Powered Ferrari Dino 245 GT Replica

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  • Wayne

    The Magnum GT was a car that my father inlaw manufactured he still has the molds and a lot of parts.made about 65 cars.

  • kevin contreras

    its mine i bought it love it and the built in roll bar it is the most ridged car in the world solid iron beam from front to rear

  • kevin contreras

    wayne what parts are left email me