Ford C-Max To Be Sold As Hybrid Only

Ford C-Max To Be Sold As Hybrid Only

Ford will sell its C-Max minivan as a hybrid model only, in an effort to further compete with hybrid offerings like the Toyota Prius V, Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf, which are all offered in 5-door bodystyles.

The C-Max will come only in a 5-seater configuration, with hybrid and plug-in hybrid variations offered. Ford originally planned to offer the car with both a gasoline engine and seven seats. Ford is looking to triple production of electric vehicles and hybrids to more than 100,000 models by 2013.

“Whether people want a hybrid, a plug-in hybrid or full battery electric vehicle, we have a family of vehicles for them to consider, providing a range of options to best meet their needs and support their driving habits and lifestyles,” said Jim Farley, Ford’s group vice president of marketing, sales and service.

Despite the ease with which Ford could produce a three-row or gasoline-only version of the C-Max, the move is likely a result of Ford’s desire to brand the C-Max as a “green” vehicle by way of its hybrid-only powertrain, in the same way that the Toyota Prius is synonymous with the term.

[Source: Automotive News]