2012 Ford Fusion Loses Manual Transmission, Gains Alloy Wheels

2012 Ford Fusion Loses Manual Transmission, Gains Alloy Wheels

Ford has made a few changes for the 2012 Fusion. The American automaker decided based on low sales numbers that the six-speed manual transmission will only be available on the base Fusion S for 2012.

Fuel economy wasn’t much of an improvement with the manual transmission anyways. With a manual transmission, the Fusion was rated 22/32 mpg while the automatic six speed was rated at 23/33 mpg. There is a general trend currently, to eliminate manual transmission midsize sedans, with Mazda doing so with their ostensibly sporty Mazda6.

The other ‘major’ change for the 2012 Fusion are the 17-inch alloy wheels are now standard on the Fusion SE. In fact, Fusion SEs came with 17-inch steel wheels and plastic wheel covers, an odd choice given that the base Fusion S came with 16-inch alloy wheels.

  • Soakee

    I’ve never bought a manual-trans equipped vehicle simply for fuel economy. Does anyone care about driving enjoyment? Control? Fun? Oh well, as long as the Fusion S can be optioned up like an SE, then we’re okay. Wait, I’ll bet the sunroof is not an option on the S. Scratch another car from my consideration – the list gets shorter and shorter.

  • Dave

    @Soakee: Isn’t that what Mustangs are for?

  • Bob Steeb

    Holy Smokes ever try to pass on a hill with a 4 cyclinder with automatic and the AC on. Forget about it. Sticks are a riot to drive and coast in netrual is fantastic. My 2008 Fusion get 28-29 miles to the gallon in Omaha with all the hill runout. It is amazing you cannot get a loaded up manual transmissin in a US sedan. VW to the rescue.

  • Shawn Fuller

    I have a 2009 Fusion 5 speed with the “moon and tune” package. It’s one of
    My favorite cars I’ve ever owned.

  • Barbcrose

    I only buy manual transmissions so I guess I will not be replacing my 2010 Fusion with newer models. Too bad, I really like the Fusion, but I will NOT give up my stick!

  • Colum Wood

    Long live the manual revolution! Glad to hear some people are sticking with stick!

  • Red463

    OOh too bad.

  • Dissappointed

    I love my Ford Fusion with the manual transmission.  I was going to buy a new one.  But, alas, as I see above that they are not making them anymore – that leaves it wide open as to what make and model I will choose.  After over 20 years of driving ford cars, I all of a sudden don’t feel very Ford friendly.

  • Ironangelcroft

    i would rather have the 2010 because are there are more of a variety of aftermarket parts the 06-10 yrs anyway

  • Dirtymousey

    Damn I love my fusion now that’s manual and was excited to upgrade. Boo on you ford!