Ford Ranger To Be Discontinued After Almost 30 Years Of Production

Ford Ranger To Be Discontinued After Almost 30 Years Of Production

Production will end for the Ford Ranger on December 22, according to the United Auto Workers 879 June-August newsletter. The Ranger is currently built in Ford’s Twin Cities assembly plant and the truck has been built since January 1982.

The Ranger originally replaced the Ford Courier which was based on the Mazda B-Series small truck. The Ranger was built to work hard, achieve decent gas mileage and compete against small Japanese and American trucks like the Datsun,  Toyota and Chevrolet pickups. So far, more than 7 million Ranger trucks have been built since first produced.

Ford has yet to announce a replacement for the Ranger. So far the F-150 has a new 3.7-liter V6 that is most comparable to the outgoing vehicle. However, an all-new Ford Ranger goes on sale later this year for markets outside of North America.

[Source: Pickup Trucks]

  • J Fin

    To say that the Ranger was an economical entry vehicle is just wrong. Both times that I purchased Rangers in the last twenty years, F-150s were being sold at prices less than Ranger. I put 10 years and well over 250,000 miles on my first Ranger and have 145,000 on my current seven year old Ranger. I purchased the vehicle because of it’s size and dependability, I did not want a full size truck, the Ranger suited me requirements perfectly. Ford, if you decide to move forward with discontinuing production, please get another similar size truck to market quickly.

  • Jeffrey

    The Problem is not Ranger it is Ford. Ranger lives on all over the world but not in the USA. Why don’t they bring the new ranger over ? And how about the Diesel with 40 mpg and 380 lbs of torque ? I’d buy a donzen for my company.

  • MuffdiverUSA

    and why does the E series econoline van have 20 year old , obsolete, engines, transmissions and design?

    Ford cannot afford to ship the superior Ford Transit van from europe to the USA?

  • Jim

    My wife has a ’94 Ranger and it’s just the right size; also had chrome bumpers on the front and back instead of those toylike plastic bumpers.
    I do wish they would keep the Ranger the same size and shape as the ’94 model but just improve the engine, suspension, transmission, etc.

  • zippy

    Most Ford products suck and the Ranger may have been the worst of the lot. Good riddance.

  • Jason

    Why not go to the Crew Cab option like in Europe and the rest of the world.. I used to like in Germany, I saw those other Rangers. This is why I want one of them, little Diesel engine. Come on Ford Really!!!

  • Randalf

    Ford should keep building rangers for they are one of the only true compact trucks on the market. They have a proven track record and even though ford has had problems in the past, they still built a fantastic compact pickup. I do feel that the ranger could use a major re-design but it should not become too large to make it impractical. For Example, the Dodge Dakota is close enough to be a full size truck they might as well not have it in their lineup. The ranger is much smaller than the F-150 and has powerplants that are well suited for the small truck application.

  • matt

    I think Ford should keep the Ranger in the lineup and just bring over the diesel model and maybe a bit of the design from the Australian Wildtrak Ranger. If they were to add the crew cab model and beef up the suspension and transmission it would be awesome.
    Heck as long as they don’t get rid of it I’ll be happy!

  • Matty

    About freaking time. The current Ford Ranger looks like a flipped over phone booth. its very UNaerodynamic. Ford should of d/c’d it years ago. Where Ford went wrong was after Toyota dropped the small pickup (Tacoma) and went for midsize now. Ford could of stepped in a produced the ranger to be even smaller than it is now. LIke the old Courier. They would of cornered the market in small pickups. Ford quality is great now. They could of produced this with a quality truck. Instead, now for a small-midsize truck, U must goto Toyota, Nissan, or Chevy (I just bought a Colorado). I think Dodge just also d’cd their Dakota for I didn’t see it on their website for 2012. oh well. its like here we go again, wait about 1 to 2 years, something will go wrong and gas will be real high. Ford once again will be caught with their pants down offering only Full size Ford F-150’s.

  • Jared

    Why doesnt Ford make a replacement for the Ford simular to the Chevy Tornado? Make a new Ford Ranger that is cheap has a 4cylinder engine, and based on a front drive car chassis like the Ford Focus or somthing. Its replacement should have a cheap base price like $14,000 and get at least 30mpg highway.

  • Harold

    I have owned three Rangers and I love them. The perfect size since I live in an apartment complex. The F-150 is just too big for my needs.

  • RF

    Have had two rangers, 1982 1/2 (officially 1983) that I put 237K on, and now a 2008. Both were/are longbeds (7′), 4 cyl., manual trans. I really think Ford is making a huge mistake, as it’s the perfect vehicle for someone who wants a fuel efficient pick-up, but doesn’t want a full size. With gas over $3/Gal. what is Ford thinking?

  • J.D.

    I have owned my Ranger for 10 years and put 256,000 hard miles on it. Great, reliable truck. I found this article while looking into buying a new one. I like the truck, it’s size looks- I don’t want an F150. Ford, you are making a huge mistake. Shame on you for discontinuing the model, I would have bought another one.

  • Steve

    I’ve owned 3 rangers and heard that they are discontinuing them. Mine is now 10 years old and and is a good truck. To bad Hyundai does not make trucks. That would be my next one.

  • Glenn

    My first truck was a 1995 Ranger 2 wheel drive, 5 speed, with a 2.3l 4banger engine. Got great gas mileage, but with no 4×4 it really sucked in the Minnesota winters, but I managed to keep and drive it for 5 years. Traded it in for a 1999 Ford Ranger, ext cab, 4×4 automatic (miss the manual), it has the 4.0. I love it, but honestly, it doesn’t get that much better gas mileage than my dad’s 1998 F-150. I do good to get 17mpg in town while my dad gets about 15 in town. The Ranger is smaller, lighter, and has a smaller engine, it SHOULD get way better fuel mileage than the F-150. At this point, I would rather have a F-150 so I do have the towing/hauling/power when/if I need it. I like the Ranger cuz its a small truck, I don’t need a huge truck, 90% of the time it’s just me in my truck, and I only ever use it to haul my 4wheelers and tools.

    If you’re in the market for a truck, go with the F-150, unless you want a smaller truck that only gets 1 to 2 miles per gallon more.
    As for reliability, sure it can be reliable, but experiences vary. Bought mine with 118K on it, and 2 years later at 128K my motor went, had to replace it. Now 3 years later, at 160K (32K on new motor), my reverse in the tranny goes out, had to have it rebuilt, another $1900. So a new motor and rebuilt tranny, I now have more money into my truck than its really worth. I am going to drive it till it blows up or is a rust pile.
    My dad just bought a 2008 Chevy, and is liking it more than his 98 F-150. Maybe my next vehicle will be a chevy too. Besides my tax dollars help bail out chevy, might as well give them more of my money.

  • Ruben

    I just bought a new ranger .what now , is the truck gone depresiate faster? are parts be avalable and why the salesman forgat to menTion this when we were making the deal,SOUNDS FISHI TO ME ,IF I KNEW THIS I WOULD HAVE BOUGHT ANOTHER CAR .

  • orville

    I have owned Ford Ranger’s since 1984. My first pick up was a 1946 Ford.

    I was in my late teens when i got it. repainted it and drove it for a while. 4 on the floor – A great ride!!

    I now have a 2003 Ranger 4×4 xlt standard shift, bought it new. I guess this one will be the last Ford i buy. I am retired – the truck has 175,000 runs like a fine Swiss clock. 25 years from now I’ll give it to a grand or Ggrand kid. I am saddened by Fords decision

  • Vince Baiamonte

    My first p/u was a 1994 Ranger 4×4 Regular Cab XL. Cost about $13,000 even, no options except for 4×4 and AM/FM radio. This truck was driven on heavily salted roads in PA and I still have this truck today. No rust through on the fenders! Runs fine. It has the 4 cylinder which gets me about 25 mpg around town. No power, but great with today’s gas prices. The amazing thing is that I could not replace this truck if I wanted to. The only 4x4s with 4 cylinders are Toyotas and Nissans, and they don’t get this type of mileage. Ford should put out a small 4×4 truck that gets good mileage. These should sell very well.

  • Jeff

    Big mistake by Ford getting rid of the Ranger. It was the number one selling compact pickup for years. They want to push buyers into the F-150 but many businesses need a compact truck. I am in the lake fountain business and need to launch boats in some really tight spots, through woods, accross peoples lawns , skimming between fences, etc where a big truck would tear things up or simply won’t fit. I have had 5 Rangers including the one I bought last weekend, sad to see them go.

  • becky

    I have had 2 Rangers 4cyl 2 wheel drive and I love them. I will be sad to see them go away. Im looking for another and will try to get 1 last one before they are gone. hopefully they will be like the camero, gone for a few years now better than ever.

  • steven


  • Rob

    My ’89 Ford Ranger still keeps running after 200,000 miles. Its four cylinder engine gives me all the power I need. It gets me to work and on the weekends it hauls all the gravel, ground cover, or building supplies my house or yard need. I would not by a full sized truck for my occasional hauling needs, but the Ranger is the perfect solution. Ford economy cars last 80,000 miles but Ford trucks last forever. The discontinuation of the Ranger will leave a gap in the market.

  • Bam

    I don’t understand why the ranger has to go. I have owned one for over 18 years and my ranger is still running strong. My son has a 1993 ranger and uses it for off roading and a daily driver, I have never driven a small truck that could compete with it, I will miss them. But on the other hand I dont understand why ford doesnt bring the euro ranger here, I’d buy me and my son a wildtrak turbo diesel in a heart beat.

  • Rick Millhouse

    The market for pick-ups has changed — where they used to be an ‘extra’ work-type vehicle, they are now used more as a primary family vehicle — Ford should have produced a crew-cab version of the Ranger; they lost many potential customers to Toyota and Nissan due to this ‘ommission’ in their line-up — hopefully, Ford will introduce a crew-cab small truck platform soon (with a turbo-diesel engine!).

  • Buz Lloyd

    I own a 2003 Ranger and a 1995 F-150, both long-bed work truckes with 6 cylinder engines The Ranger gets 17 mpg and the F-150 gets half that. The Ranger fits in all parking spaces and is quite adequate for 98% of what I need to haul. The F-150 has 75K miles and has not been tagged in three years. I’m not surprised that Ford thinks I might buy an F-150 when the Ranger needs replacing. I won’t. And I’m dismayed that the new Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards announced with such fanfare by the Obama administration allows Ford to dispense with such a sensible counterweight to the thirsty, oversize F-series pickups most of which I see being used as personal transportation vehicles and not as work trucks. Is this a great country or what?

  • Russell Crider

    I have owned 9 ford vehicles in my life .3trucks,6cars. But now my ford ranger xlt 4×4 w/4.0L is the super duty of all compact trucks,most I have put on my truck is 42 60# bags of concrete on a pallet from home depot,front end was light ,but went across RR tracks and backed up in my drive way,without scraping,with plenty of power. My 1998 ranger,called OLD BLUE, has 201,000 miles. Bought it with 10,000 miles on it. I have spent $1905.00 over the past 13 yrs to maintain it(not including tires,which are over sized 31 1050 15). This truck was made for exactly for what I needed it to do for me,duty wise,cost wise. Your truck is only as good as the person responsible for maintaining it. BYE FORD!

  • Landon smith

    This is bullshit ford! I love the ranger I have owned 2 of them in the past numerous years and was just recently set to purchase the new 2012 ranger when i was fed this crock of shit! Why would you do this ford!

  • sean r kelley


  • Dmg6647

    Horrible decision.  Bring the Ranger back!  Still have my Ranger from 1994 with almost 300000 miles and it still runs great

  • Eric

    Why the best dam little truck on the road and you want to stop Production just a sad day :(

  • Paul DesL.

    Just as my wife agees that we really NEED a Ford Ranger…they stop making it…very very sad….oh welll, there’s always the competition.

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