Ford Shows Secret New Lincolns To Employees

Ford Shows Secret New Lincolns To Employees

When Ford went through a slump in 2006, the company took its employees in groups to see many of its upcoming products to boost morale within the company. With Lincoln set for a rebirth, the company will do the same calling it the “Lincoln Experience”. The employees will be shown new styling and strategy direction for the brand to improve interest and excitement. The workshop will be held for two weeks in July.

Ford has not invited Lincoln dealers or members of the press yet and it is unlikely that the public will be included regarding the news, but we can expect that leaks will occur. It is likely that top Ford executives should be present at the event including Lincoln’s new head of design, Max Wolff.

Stay tuned for more info!

[Source: Ford Inside News]

  • Carl

    What Lincoln needs is a new “fullsize length” 100% modern but American size RWD Town Car! Use Ecoboost V6 and 5.0 power and 8 speed or better automatic.
    I speak for all cars!

  • Dino

    Carl is 200% correct. I currently own a 97 mark 8 and 2004 Lincoln ls. Both v8s and both rwd. The Mark currently has 303,000 miles on it. And desperately needs retirement. However I refuse to let her die, until ford comes out with a suitable replacement. So why not stretch the stangs chassis, change the sheet metal and slap on the Lincoln star?….wasn’t that the plan awhile ago?

  • jon

    Lincoln, Buick and Chrysler are names of the past. No one under 40 would be caught dead in one of these cars. Ford should either buy a luxury brand like Volvo and Americanize it or cut their loses. If they make money on selling their 85 thousand Lincoln’s last year i guess keep the brand, but it is embarassing to see a Lincoln version of the Ford Fusion compared to the German BMW or Mercedes. … I say if you can’t do something right don’t do it at all. I am a proud owner of a Mustang GT. You wouldn’t catch me dead in a Yuppy BMW…however i wouldn’t embarass myself driving a lincoln.