GM Canada, Ontario Camaro Club Attempt Guinness World Record for Largest Car Mosaic

GM Canada, Ontario Camaro Club Attempt Guinness World Record for Largest Car Mosaic

Assembling 587 Camaros in a parking lot across the street from where the current fifth-generation model is built, General Motors Canada set a Guinness World Record for the largest car mosaic. OK, technically speaking the record has yet to be confirmed by the folks at Guinness but they’re probably just out having a pint, and when they get back from an extra-long Friday lunch the mosaic (a Chevy bowtie no less), is certain to oust Volkswagen Brazil’s 413 car mosaic, spelling out “Gol” – to celebrate the 30th anniversary of that car.

The gathering of so many Camaros is part of the Camaro Homecoming, organized by GM Canada and the Ontario Camaro Club to help celebrate the car’s 45th anniversary, as well as the 23rd annual Ontario Camaro Nationals. Drawing owners from across that country to the Oshawa, Ontario plant, owners arrived from all over the U.S as well, with plenty driving from Michigan, as well as from as far away as New Orleans and Texas.

Running all weekend, GM opened up the Camaro plant to attendees today, and estimated that they expect from 5,000 to 6,000 individuals to take part in the tour over the course of the day.

Browse through our gallery of photos from the meet today, showing many of the cars from the mosaic, as well as numerous other special edition models and concepts.

GALLERY: Ontario Camaro Nationals


GALLERY: Camaro Plant Tour


  • john moher

    enjoy pics

  • jon moher


  • Brock King

    Wish I’d been there. As a former Camaro owner and GM worker, it would have been great!

  • Gord Hadley

    The way I’m reading the ‘headline’ of this page, it would appear that this initiative was set up by BOTH GM and the Ontario Camaro Club. I found out about that ‘record attempt’ only two weeks ago and apparently it was held in June. I wrote to GM last week only to be told (basically)that GM does NOT organize such events.

    I sat in a Camaro for the fisrt time when I was 17 yrs a 67 Camaro. From that point on, THAT was my dream car. 43 yrs later, I own a 2011 Camaro SS (2SS) and HAD I KNOWN, I “most certainly” would have driven from Ottawa to Oshawa for such an event. If anyone knows ‘who’ owns a current Camaro, GM would….hence my name as an owner ‘must” be in their books…or at the very least, GM could have called the local dealerships and ask them to contact the local Camaro owners. I just want to congrat you on such a historical event and at the same time to say I AM TRULY DISAPPOINTED.